Tips on How to Make Your Pictures Instagram-Worthy

Instagram has taken the social media users by storm since the time of its inception. These days, it is not only about taking a picture that clicks your heart, in fact, it is more about capturing a picture that appeals to your long list of the followers on social media particularly on Instagram. Mastering the art of capturing Instagram-worthy photos is a real art.

Given below are a few great tips to capture perfect pictures that would cause a stir on the Instagram:

1- Natural Lighting

Always prefer to capture your pictures in the natural light. Your picture would be as good as the lighting since the photography is all about capturing the right amount of light. Daylight is perfect for most of the scenes. Try capturing pictures in the outdoors if you are provided with the opportunity to do so. On the contrary, if you have to snap a picture in the indoors make sure there are windows from where natural light is coming inside.

2- Editing Tools

Editing tools help to enhance your pictures for better. There is a good number of editing software, which make your picture worth displaying on Instagram. You can edit your pictures online or get them edited offline by installing a good editing app on your phone. These editing tools provide you with a number of editing options to beautify your pictures.

3- Make the Best Use of Rule of Thirds

By placing the subject or the focus of your attention more towards the edge of the frame is a great idea to make your pictures Instagram worthy. Never shy away from placing your subject on the either side of the frame. More centrally focused frames are not in line with the modern visual needs. Follow this tip to make your picture stand out.

4- Keep Your Instagram Feed Balanced

There needs to be a balance in everything you do be it balancing your professional and personal life or the picture post on the Instagram. If the last picture you shared on Instagram was colorless, try posting next picture with the similar flair. Posting a vibrant and over-saturated picture next to the one that is black and white would be the biggest turn-off for your followers on the insta. Always strive for achieving a balance and bringing a consistency in your pictures so that they are visually appealing and not disturbing.

5- Choose the Aptest Captions with Catchy Phrases

A picture is worth a thousand words but that is true to an extent. We all need a little background, description or a statement telling the thought behind the capture. Some pictures are just ordinary and have no interesting visual effect but their caption makes them worthy of a share on the social media. Same rings true with pictures posted on Instagram. An appropriate caption can lift them up to the heights you could never imagine. Sometimes an inspirational quote, a couplet, or a famous saying goes fine with the picture. At other times, a brief and concise background or just a random catchy phrase work really well.

Post Author: Harry Carpenter