Tips on Capturing the Perfect Moments

To be professionally able to capture those perfect moments all you need is a camera and these tips coming from a pro so you can zoom and click the lovely subjects.


Anticipation is the key to a perfect shot with outbursts of beautiful reactions. A professional photographer is able to look at the subject and predict what will be the best way to bring out a perfect shot from it. Although, it varies from one subject to another but once you focus you can build the anticipation easily.

For instance, with children you need to be patient and make them a little curious of what is coming, with this, you can stir their emotions and click what you want.

With pets, ask the owners to connect and bring out some emotions, particularly in their eyes or the tail.

Before capturing a natural scene, frame out the scene you are expecting to capture and look for details.

The Background

A perfect picture comes with a perfect background; always see what is going behind where the subject is. Make sure the background is the one that complements the subject.

Colorful wallpaper can complement the subject that is a bit dim. A neutral wallpaper would do for the bright subjects in case you are capturing shots of people, pets and stuff like food, a vase, a piece of jewelry etc. because you want to keep the focus on the subject.

If you are taking shots of something natural make sure you keep your eyes on capturing the best details from both the subject as well as the background. With a professional camera, you can always play better and choose what to blur.

The comfort of the subject

Making the subject comfortable will get you what you want out of them once they are relaxed. It is particularly tricky in situations when there is more than one subject.

The subject can either be a kid, an animal, a nervous wedding couple etc. so it is up to you to technically get the best out of them by making them comfortable.

Ask the parents of the children to talk to them and get the nervousness away, ask those questions, or distract them with something exciting.

Similarly, create a connection with the animals by being kind at first; keep your camera hidden until then.

Ask the pet owners to call out their names and distract them with a trick they can do. If the animals are more of wild creatures, be patient and capture them in their natural pose and the habitat.

The perfect moment itself

A professional photographer makes sure he catches the subjects off guard. To make that possible you need to be very patient and keep your eyes everywhere. The perfect moments captured in the history are usually natural.

If you are shooting an event, don’t point out camera at guests rather capture them in their natural form.

Get to the bride and groom at a wedding early and stay out late, but don’t cling to them, rather act like you are not even there so you can capture the little intimate and emotional moments in their natural form without making it obvious. Be ready and capture quickly. Let the children be in their most natural form, surrounded by their favorite toys or even parents if it helps.

Post Author: Harry Carpenter