Photography Tools and Equipment for Better Pictures

Like every other occupational field, there is a set of necessary equipment and a toolbox without which you cannot think of pursuing photography on a professional level or you won’t be able to survive the market competition. Above all, you need a reliable camera be it the Point or Shoot camera or the Digital SLR to snap memorable moments. In addition to that, if you want to keep pace with the ever-evolving digital world of photography there are a number of essential tools and equipment you would need to have in your backpack or be the permanent part of your gear.

Given below is the list of some of the must-have tools and equipment without which the photographer’s toolkit seems incomplete:

1- Lenses

In the modern times, if you want to sustain the market competition and want to snap some jaw-dropping pictures then having a bunch of lenses apart from the kit lens is highly recommended. Kit or primary lens comes with 18-55 mm and is considered an entry-level lens which is best for beginners, newbies, and amateurs. However, if you are aspired to becoming a pro photographer then having specialized lenses according to the photography genre is important. A wide-angle lens is best for landscape or nature photography and is good at capturing wedding photographs inclusive of a number of people in group family photos.

A telephoto lens is best for capturing subjects from afar. It is best for wild photography. A macro lens is a must-have if you want to capture details or want to frame something which is really tiny.

2- Tripod/monopod

Tripod or a monopod is an essential for video shots or moving pictures. Nobody wants to get a jerk or unwanted motion in the series of perfectly recorded scenes. A jerk or a camera motion is the biggest turn-off for most of the viewers so always make sure you stabilize your camera by mounting it on the monopod or a tripod to record the best movies and snap beautiful and frozen pictures. Tripod/monopod is also necessary while taking pictures with long exposures or slower shutter speeds.

3- Filters

Filters are very important to keep in your backpack. The most important filter to always keep with you is a polarizer. It works just like a Polaroid sunglasses by removing the glare or cutting the pungent light. It also reduces haze and darkens skies. Not only that, it also adds a tinge of vibrancy and saturation to your pictures.

4- Editing Software

Having the latest version of Adobe Photoshop installed in your PC is utmost important. All the professionals take help from the editing software in the post-processing phase to get their pictures look at their best. At first, you would find using editing software a bit tricky and a real challenge to surpass but with the passage of time, as you master the editing techniques there is nothing as much needed by you after the camera as your editing software. But bear in mind, if your framing and composition

are not good enough then there is not much your editing software can do there. So, never depend entirely on it.

5- Additional Batteries and Memory Cards

Don’t forget to keep at least one additional battery and a memory card with you for you never know when can you run out of a charge or have your memory card storage reached its limit. Keeping both these item in the store for emergencies won’t hurt anyone.

Post Author: Harry Carpenter