Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is said to be one of the most elite forms of job in the field. Although the truth can only be found once you are in the field.

Fashion photography is a bit commercial and is focused around items of latest fashion and trends. It involves a lot of drama and yes, traveling. They say you know nothing if you haven’t been to fashion capitals of the world like London Paris, New York, and Milan to capture some historic shots in the world of fashion.

Once you are in the field and on the shoot, you will know that you will need a lot more than just perfect lighting and the models to capture perfect shots. A fashion shoot cannot be possible without the whole crew that includes the stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion director and editor, the models and the brands.

To actually be into this field you need a lot of patience, there will always be a long line of people with connections and experience that would be able to get ahead of you. So take projects that will help you in gaining experience, while teaching you the pressure and skills you need in this field other than just photography.

Coming to the details of fashion photography, there is a vast variety of shots that the brands would want you to shoot for them. They can vary from editorial shoots to campaign based shoots and commercial shoots that would be published in a broacher or a packaging of a product depending on the needs of the client.

A fashion photographer should be able to work with a lot of flexibility with the rest of the crew, he/she also needs to understand the minor details of what the clients want and enhance all of that in the photographs. He should be able to blend in all the requirements and give out the final project.

These tips are a compilation from a few great fashion photographers:

When shooting a fashion editorial:

Be prepared

Remember, do not just walk into the shoot with your camera at the nick of the time, you need to be prepared and have a full idea of what the whole theme is. You need to walk in the shoes of the entire crew, and get them to give you what you want while accepting what they are producing, the stylists, the make artists etc.

Be confident

Confidence is the key to applying what you know and what you would want in the shots, after all, you lead and follow everyone else and that needs a lot of self-confidence.


Experience comes with risk so experiment the shots and see how they turn out, this way you learn what to apply when and where while taking the shots.

Don’t go out of practice 

The basic rule of fashion or any other photography genre is practice. There will be times when you don’t have projects at all and when that is the case, don’t stop, take a friend ask him/her to be your subject and then the sky is your limit because you are the boss here.


Post Author: Harry Carpenter