Capturing Moments

The best way to preserve memories is by capturing those special moments in photographs. You will never find yourself retreating when going through old photographs from your high school or the time when you were a baby, wedding photographs of your mother, photographs of what your parents looked like when they were younger and many such special moments. Although some of us might cringe a little by how things were in the past. Capturing moments serves many purposes like to show others who might be unavailable during occasions that how the time was spent, or what meals were prepared or how everyone dressed.

It can also show you places you have never been to, people you have never met or things you haven’t really seen. It is a way visual communication takes place. Although with time, technology has made it easy for us to take photographs. In the 21st century, it just requires a touch on our phones and you have the whole story in your snap chat for the world to view. So it’s easier than it was in the past, back then you had to put batteries in the camera, take a risk shot which you could only see once it is developed and then you post it to all those awaiting. While now with just a click you can send or post it on your Instagram for those you want to show.

Technology has not just made communication easier but also developed in the way we capture, share and recall the special memories. Although, now even the memories you don’t really want to recall, Facebook reminds you off by bringing back the captured shots of a year or so ago. You might find it a bit witty but take a closer look at how and when you want to show or see the captured moments of people ahead or prior to your own generation you have to be dependent on the technology of people in that time.

Like while going through pictures of your grandmother’s wedding you might be missing out on the color and get to see some black and white captured shots, similarly, your children don’t really have any hardcover photographs and to be able to see what they do for fun you have to follow their Instagram account. With all the advancement, one thing has not changed, and that is the memories of the special moments captured; it is like reliving those moments once you lay eyes on them.

Post Author: Harry Carpenter